Thursday, July 28, 2005

You May Have Noticed....

Some of you may have noticed that I have enrolled in Google AdSense. This is not an original idea; in fact I can honestly say that I stole this idea from Sam. The reason why I decided to try Google Adsense? Well free money of course, I figure that as long as I am putting in some of my time to create this stuff I might as well take in any dollars that I can to help keep the Repo Man away from my car.

Perhaps this explanation is a little too pat for some of my more discerning readers; so I direct you to this article, and instruct you to replace the name Sam with Mike, and with

Thank you for your cooperation!



Blogger Sam said...

Nicely done, Michael. I'm sure that I will see you in the exclusive "I'm a sell-out" club later on (it's in our founder and president, Lars Ulrich's, basement... But fear not, all the guys from Metallica will be there. Except Cliff (R.I.P.). He died before Metallica had a chance to sell out... smart move).

5:41 PM  

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