Sunday, May 15, 2005

Poor Old Michael Finnegan...

Last weekend I shaved off my goatee, and started growing it all over again.

Take this opportunity to look at some of the different goatee styles that I have adopted over the years and what influenced me to adopt them.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Hello

Figure 1: The Neal McCauley

I love the movie Heat and I am a huge Robert Deniro fan, when I grew my first goatee it was right after I had purchased Heat on DVD so I had no choice but to model my first attempt at facial hair after the man who taught me one of the most important lessons in life. "Never get involved in anything that you can't walk away from if you feel the heat coming around the corner."

Figure 2: The Modified Chris Cornell

I like Soundgarden and the Klingonesque influences that inspired Chris Cornell's goatee. I added my own slight modifications however, so that people wouldn't confuse Chris with myself.

Figure 3: The Modified Riker

Commander Riker has a way with the ladies and he is cool under pressure. Who can blame me for modeling a goatee after his in a futile attempt to somehow instill those same qualities into myself.

Figure 4: They Call Him Mr. Iommi

While this incarnation of my goatee did give me something substantial to tug on while deep in thought it did nothing to improve my guitar chops.

Figure 5: Lemmy

I kept this model goatee for less than twenty four hours primarily just to see my sister's reaction to it, and it was worth every minute that I looked ridiculous. While this style may work miracles for Lemmy and his cancer it really add nothing to my own natural rugged good looks.


Blogger carrie said...

i think the riker was my favorite. probably just because its star trek themed.

11:10 PM  

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