Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'll Take My Slice of Heaven Deep Fried, Thanks!!!

Way back in the Ides of March a bunch of us chipped in to buy my friend Carrie a Fry Daddy for her birthday. Ever since the gift was given I have been eagerly sitting by my phone waiting for the call. The call that would tell me that on some night in the near future I would be invited to a Fry-Party!!! Well my friends last Friday (Fry-day?) that call finally came.

I along with everyone else was invited to Carrie's house to try out her new Fry-Daddy. On the way over to her home she suggested that we swing by the supermarket to pick up any and all foods that we might be interested in frying. Carrie suggested fruits and vegetables...I however was already thinking about deep frying a Twinkie. I had heard of it being done once before in an urban legend or on the Discovery Channel. But I wasn't sure what the results would be like.

Once we entered the supermarket Sam and Jason took off like two over-caffeinated children, ransacking the produce aisle looking for anything and everything that might taste good deep fried. I remember Colleen, Jason, Sam and I all clustered around a large display of asparagus debating the merits of the vegetable and whether or not we felt that it would survive the deep frying process. Ultimately we decided that asparagus would not be particularly edible and opted instead for a nice looking zucchini. After a brief stop at the gas station to secure a package of Twinkies it was off to Casa Del Richards where the deep fried frenzy would be held.

Once we got to Carrie's I made highballs for everyone...well every one that mattered anyway. Then we stepped out onto the drive way to show Sam his belated birthday present. We all chipped in to get him the makings for a state of the art top of the line potato cannon.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Hello

While Sam was admiring the potato cannon parts "Daddy" Richards came outside to help the festivities along with some fireworks he had secured no doubt on one of his many trips in the Trans Am. These were excellent fire works the kind that spin into the air and hover over your head for a few seconds before they come hurtling back towards you. At one point one of the projectiles began to fall back to earth directly over Colleen and I so we did what any young couple would do...push the other person out of their way and get the hell out of the way of the falling fire ball.

After the fireworks we all went back inside to fry the many fruits and vegetables that we had purchased. We made onion rings, and tempura-ed broccoli, fried eggplant, and deep fired zucchini. We attempted to make fired mozzarella but the cheese was not frozen so all that we ended up with was a big mess. As the night wore on and the beer flowed freely...we fried just about anything that we could get our hands on...including some birthday cupcakes that Carrie had bought for just that reason.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Hello

For those of you have never tasted a fried cupcake, run to your bakery and buy a cupcake. Bring it home and fry it, you will not be sorry. The cupcake becomes encased in batter and when you eat it it is buttery and warm inside. The only thing better than the deep fried cup cake is the deep fired Twinkie.

Crossection By Mike Posted by Hello

The deep fried Twinkie is a little slice of Heaven. It tastes so good that I think I saw God when I took the first bite. We wisely saved the Twinkie for last, some would say because we would not have been able to eat anything else afterwards...but I believe that everything else would have paled by comparison. The deep fried Twinkie was so delicious that I secretly wanted to have another one all for myself but I didn't say anything. Partly because I know that my friends would be disgusted by me...and partly because we didn't have any more Twinkies. My advice to all of you is run, don't walk, to the store; buy a Fry Daddy and a package of Twinkies and pig out in style!!!


Blogger Blackwatch said...

Sweet post, man. All that talk of frying stuff makes me quite hungry. I am envious of y'all and your deep fried twinkies. I shall need to gather the needed supplies and try one myself.

The rendition of Sam and his "some assembly required" potato cannon is great. Ya know, I think that this cannon is all Sam will need to become acclimated to his new lifestyle in...where-ever-the-heck, CT. Or at least distract him from his sk00lw3rk.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Mike... I've always wanted to know what I look like in your eyes. And now I know. And knowing is half the battle.

I guess that I just look like everyone else... except that I have less black ink on the top of my head, and more on my face.

Yea for frying stuff!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sam is very tall.

But not in real life.

Other than that, good job!

4:42 PM  

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