Friday, April 01, 2005

Another Goal Accomplished...(Realized?)

If you tried to locate me around noon on the last day of March you would have had a hard time finding me. I was walking through the woods behind, well actually kind of kiddie-corner to my house. There is a trail that runs through these woods and I began to follow it with no real purpose or destination in mind. But it was a beautiful spring morning and the sun was shining and I decided to see where my feet would lead me.

Today they led me into the woods, and straight to an OWL! Not just any owl a Great Horned Owl. Which is pretty cool; albeit not as cool as The Great Owl but I will take what I can get.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Hello

Here is what happened: I was walking directly under a tall pine tree, exactly as pictured and I happened to look up. I have no idea why but I noticed this big thing on one of the branches. It was vaguely bird shaped but I did not know what kind of bird...until it opened its eyes. They were enormous and unbelievably yellow. He stared at me and I stared at him, my hand reached into my pocket for my cell phone. As my hand gripped my cell phone I remembered that I do not own a camera phone so I left it in my pocket and cursed myself for not bringing a real camera.

I stared at the owl for about five minutes and then he flew away. It was amazing, this has to be one of the biggest birds that I have ever seen, certainly it had the biggest eyes and claws. I have always wanted to see an owl up has been one of my goals. I guess that I can cross that one off of my list.

Most people would have given up at this point. What else could I possibly encounter in the woods that would top my owl sighting? I have two words for you: ICESKATING FROGS!

Drawing By Mike Posted by Hello

As I was walking I stumbled across a pond with all of these little frogs, but the frogs were not in the water. The frogs were sitting on top of the ice. I have no choice but to conclude that these frogs had been ice skating before I interrupted them.


Blogger carrie said...

that is awesome. the most i see on my adventures are hunting perches and shunk cabbage.

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