Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dreaming of Dreams

I once had a friend ask me if I felt that there should be some sort of warning notice placed near everyone's bed. She felt that this notice should warn people that if they fall asleep they run the risk of having a dream. Her thinking was that once we begin to dream we enter an altered state of consciousness and the public should be warned that this is about to happen. I cannot remember if I agreed with her at the time but if she was to ask me again I would say YES.

Dreams are crazy things, you never know what you might encounter within one...Freud tells us that dreams are a product of the unconscious mind. He may have even said that the unconscious is trying to tell us something. I have decided to share three recent dreams with you and you let me know what you think my unconscious mind is trying to tell me.

Dream Number One:

I am driving a yellow school bus through an indistinct town/city I pull over to the side of the road and Eddie Van Halen climbs on board. He has a guitar with him. We have some generic chit chat and he starts to teach me how to play Running with the Devil on the guitar. Things seem to be going pretty well...although I have no idea how I was able to drive the bus while playing guitar at the same time...until the next stop.

Panama!! Posted by Hello

I open the door and David Lee Roth climbs on board walks past Eddie and I and sits in the back of the bus. After about a block he starts singing the chorus from Ice Cream Man and making fun of Eddie. I begin laughing because he is really funny. Eddie demands to be let off the bus and flips me off as I drive away.

Dream Number Two:

I have to drive a pickup truck from point A to point B. Which just happens to be at the other end of a particularly narrow winding street. The pickup truck has a standard transmission which I cannot drive, but I give it a shot anyway and seem to do an okay job. Things are going fine until I see a crowd of people watching me at the bottom of a hill and I realize that I can not stop the truck. The keep watching me as I careen towards them...then I wake up.

Have you driven a Ford off a cliff lately? Posted by Hello

Dream Number Three:

In this dream I am packing boxes in my Sunderland apartment when suddenly the door comes flying off the hinges towards me. I stand up and see this knife wielding fiend with a crazy beard and head of hair come charging towards me. I let out a cry and then another and then I wake up. I am pretty sure that when I woke up I shouted out loud.

Zoinks!!! Posted by Hello

The funny thing is that I love these kinds of dreams that cross over into the waking world. I love the sensation of falling in my dreams and then startling myself awake. I had a friend who was convinced that if you fell off of something in a dream and hit the ground then you would die. I remember thinking that he was an idiot. If the person died while dreaming how the hell would you know what they were dreaming about? I still think he is an idiot.


Blogger Sam said...

These dreams are perfect fodder for the good folks over at Slow Wave. "Slow Wave is a collective dream diary authored by different people from around the world, and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw." Good stuff...

1:47 AM  
Blogger Jason D. said...

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Blogger Jason D. said...

The Donovan Analysis:

1.) You want to hang out with David Lee Roth at least one point in your life. Who wouldn't? Just to hear "Bippity-Bop" from the Roth man would be enough for me.

2.) You want to run down people with a bus, risk free. Again, who wouldn't at times?

3.) You're a afraid of bearded men...think McDermott.

10:54 AM  

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