Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Give Me an iBook or Give Me Death!!!

I felt that it was my duty to bring this story to the attention of my reader who may not have made it out of their caves this morning.

In case you haven't heard tragedy struck this morning in Henrico County. The County was selling one thousand four year old decommission iBooks for fifty dollars. As is often the case demand for old computers quickly outstripped demand and massive throngs of people showed up hoping to claim their own slice of the Apple pie. (Oh yes I just wrote that!)

These people did what intelligent law abiding citizens do when denied the object of their desire; they stampeded!

An event of this magnitude must be imortalized with the first official Mike Evitts commemorative lithograph series.

With out further ado I give you this day in history:

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Drawing...I mean...LITHOGRAPH By Mike Posted by Picasa

Lithograph By Mike Posted by Picasa

Lithograph By Mike Posted by Picasa

I have read a few accounts of the ensuing stampede and they range from factual journalistic records to gristly tales of human suffering. One story even goes so far as to claim that the angry hordes who were denied an iBook tried to sate their thirst for technology by eating babies.

I left such sensationalism accounts out of my Lithographs because I was unable to confirm them...but as soon as I can I will present to you one hell of an anniversary series.


Blogger Sam said...

Mike, your stick figures are so cute... even when they're stomping each other to death.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Jason D. said...

I feel I must question your journalistic integrity as you were not there to accurately cover the events.....you may betrayed the legacy of Edward R. Murrow

8:56 AM  

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