Thursday, March 10, 2005

May the Force be with you...

If you take away my family the only constant thing in my life is Star Wars. I can remeber staying up late to watch it on T.V. for the first time. I remeber sleeping over my friend Matthew's house and watching The Empire Strikes Back on HBO. I remeber how he covered his eyes when ever the Wampa was on screen but I watched. Yes even back then I was a monument to bravery. I have had a VHS copy of the trilogy for most of my life and for a long time I would watch these movies every single night. As a result my brother and sister also saw Star Wars just as often as I did. I have always know that the original trilogy has enriched my life, but my little sister has always remained skeptical. Until yesterday.

My sister is currently interning in a classroom for preschool children affilcted with autism. One of the boys that she works with tends to injure himself on a daily basis. Yesterday when Hayley went over to his table to draw with him she noticed a familar shape. A circle with a line around the equater and another circle a bit further up the page. She instantly identified the picture as the Death Star. And the little boy was estatic, when he asked her how she knew about Star Wars she told him that I am a huge fan, so he drew me a picture of R2-D2 and C-3po.

Drawing By: Matt B. Posted by Hello

According to Hayley thanks to her skills and a little help from the Force yesterday was one of the first times that this boy has gone home without injuring himself; and I recieved thanks from my sister for making her watch Star Wars so many times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes this is true...and yesterday the little boy asked how Mike was and if he had ever played Star Wars monopoly, I wasn't sure but then the little tyke asked if Mike could "come over and play after school my Mom can call his mom" that's when I told Matt that Mike was too old to come over and play..haha although sadly I am convinced Mike would do it...

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