Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Thank You For Wasting My Time

I switched shifts with my boss today. This means that I am in the library and the sun is still shining. There are a number of problems or obstacles that this arrangement creates. The first obstacle that I encountered today is the presence of other employees who are not subordinate to myself. This annoys me because it results in a constant stream of people in and out of my office to tell me that they are going to the bathroom, or that they are back from the bathroom, or they just wanted to steal a piece of candy from the candy dish.

All of these exchanges amount to nothing more than interruptions, and interruptions keep me from meeting the goals that I set for myself at work. Goals like drawing a few illustrations to post on my blog. Or reading a few chapters of a novel, or perhaps even completing some makeup work.

If you are lucky you can retrain your coworkers to conduct themselves in a manner that will not irritate you. For example I try to lead by example by just disappearing from my desk when I have to go to the men's room. I do not alert half of the staff or update my IM program, I just stand up and walk into the john. I figure should anything really terrible happen to me my coworkers would most likely be the last people I would want coming to my aid in the midst of a crisis. Sadly this method has not worked for me, but I wish you the best of luck.

If you still find yourself being needlessly hassled I recommend employing these devilish counter-dullard defense mechanisms devised by Strongbad. I have found methods three and four to be the most effective in my workplace.


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