Thursday, July 28, 2005

You May Have Noticed....

Some of you may have noticed that I have enrolled in Google AdSense. This is not an original idea; in fact I can honestly say that I stole this idea from Sam. The reason why I decided to try Google Adsense? Well free money of course, I figure that as long as I am putting in some of my time to create this stuff I might as well take in any dollars that I can to help keep the Repo Man away from my car.

Perhaps this explanation is a little too pat for some of my more discerning readers; so I direct you to this article, and instruct you to replace the name Sam with Mike, and with

Thank you for your cooperation!


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dinner Party..."The Gathering"

Umm, yeah so before any of you says anything there is nothing about shaving cream in this post. Sorry. It is not because there is not a great story involving myself and shaving cream, but rather because I got a little carried away with what was supposed to be a small portion of the promised post but grew into a large post of its own.

Basically I started to draw and was having a good time and I let my imagination wander a bit too far and there was not enough time left at work for me to finish the rest of the shaving cream post.

Instead I give you Dinner Party..."The Gathering!"

Its a true crime will be fun I promise.


A few weeks ago when I was neglecting to update my blog, Colleen and I threw a big dinner party for all of our friends. Every one was having a blast except one guest, Mr. Body.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Yep this guy was a real party pooper and he kept trying to black mail all of us, and doing a pretty good job of it until the power went out and there was a loud scream. When the lights came back on Mr. Body was a door nail. He is now pushing up daises, taking a dirt nap, on the wrong side of the lawn ect.

Each of the guests at the party had means, motive and opportunity.

Because I myself happen to be a suspect I cannot help the police clear the case, but you can dear reader! Take a look at all of the evidence and tell me who you believe is the guilty party.

Was it...

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Sam in the computer room with a flagon of mead? (I hear that sweet liquor goes straight to his head!!!)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Carrie in the dining room with the lighter? ( Maybe that old adage is true "if you love somebody why not set them on fire?)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Candace in the pantry with the Oreos? ( I hear she once broke a fellow student's wrist for getting fresh with her...who knows what she would do to a blackmailer!)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Jason in the backyard with the bottle rockets? (Jason has seen and owns more violent movies than anyone I know; did the smell of gunpowder finally push him over the edge?)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Carl in the living room with the Freaks and Geeks DVD? ( Carl has had police training, such instruction would help him to avoid capture if he ever decided to murder!)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Amy in the garage with the CD with the questionable title? ( Everyone knows what fiery tempers red-heads have, how much would it take to push her over the edge? A little blackmail perhaps?)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Jay Caron on the porch with the bottle of imported beer? ( He arrived after all the other guests was it because he had to make preparations for his crime?)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Colleen in the kitchen with the spinach lasagna? ( A crime that would make Garfield cringe...perhaps Mr. Body failed to compliment the cook on a well prepared meal?)

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Or could it have been me, in the cellar with the Shrine to Scotty? (Who knows what I am capable of in such a distaught state?)

You be the judge, weigh the evidence and find the guilty man or woman!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Long Time Coming...

Hello readers,

First of all thanks to all of you who have made gentle and not so gentle (lets call them threats) suggestions that I update my blog. There is nothing like the prospect of potential bodily harm to motivate me to write a blog post. Especially when the person who threatens my life also provides me with a potential blog topic!

Here is my promise to all of you: If you check back tomorrow night you will find a new post made to this blog...a real post not a cheesy tactic designed to buy me more time like this post. For those of you who need a little enticements tomorrow's post will deal with what I have been doing with my time besides not updating my blog.

It involves shaving cream.

That is all I am going to say.