Thursday, September 29, 2005

In Case You Didn't Know

In case you haven't heard yet, I started a second blog yesterday. Now why would I do that when it is quite clear that I have enough trouble posting to this blog on a regular basis?

The answer is simple, this blog is my first blog and I try to put a little something special into each post mainly by means of illustration and also hopefully the content. I try to post items here that are a little more personal. So now I want a blog that is a little less Mike-centric and more content oriented. But trust me I am confident that enough of me will filter through.

The name of the blog is All the Cool Kids Love Technology. You can find it here. In case you haven't guessed it will deal with technology in some way shape or form, what the form will look like is anyone's guess.

Give it a look and see what you think.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Force Is Strong With My Cactus?

Late last week I was sitting in my office at work innocently surfing the net when a student came up to the door and wrinkled up her face and pronounced that I had the messiest office she had ever seen.

I explained to her that I shared this office with several other people and this happened to be a very busy time of year for us, and we have to store a lot of the reserve materials for classes inside the office.

She shrugged and told me that it must be impossible for me to accomplish anything in such a dump.

I tried to explain to her that my office was like the Millennium Falcon of offices, it may not be much to look at but it has it where it counts...then I realized that this was quite possibly one of the geekiest things I have ever uttered to a nongeek. So I just shrugged and went back to surfing the net.

But you know I couldn't help thinking that if my office is the Millennium Falcon then that must mean that I am Han Solo and my Christmas Cactus is obviously Chewbacca.

Drawing By Mike Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

I Wish I Had A Cubicle Job...

Sometimes I wish that I had a job in a big company that required me to work on a floor filled with cubicles in a highrise building. I admit I read a lot of Dilbert comics but there is a very specific reason why I want to work in a cubicle building. I personally fell that my sense of humor and brand of mischief would work perfectly in that type of environment. Take this comic from Toothpaste For Dinner, look how much fun that little dude is having. I want to have the same opportunity to have that kind of fun, but that opportunity never comes a knocking at the library.

Sure I can pull some of the same tricks in the library where I work but by this point the minute something unexplained or unexpected happens guess whose door they knock on first? Think of the chaos I could seed in a building where I would have some degree of anonymity! The possibilities are endless.

Just the other night I posted this news article on the bulletin board in the breakroom. Why this article, you may ask, why because it has no bearing on anyone's life provided that they live in the United States. I also may have located the most incomprehensible sentence in the article and highlited it for added drama.

What does this mean???? Posted by Picasa

Why would I do something like this? What could I possibly hope to accomplish? Lets just say that I like to do whatever I can to spice up the lives of the librarians that I work with, besides everyone loves a puzzle!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Natural Disasters and Superheros

As I sat in my living room this morning watching the latest news stories pouring out of the Hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast I realized that this is the perfect scenario for a superhero to come in and save the day.

If Superman were here he probably could have prevented the entire catastrophe by flying out to sea and using his super-breath to blow the hurricane onto another course. Or perhaps destabilize the center of the storm. Superman would definitely be able to help ease the sufferings of millions of Americans.

Actually Storm from the X-men would also be able to stop this tragedy from happening, the rest of the X-men would be extremely useful in search and rescue missions. I imagine Batman would also be a useful guy to have on hand in the event of a natural disaster. He could probably deployed the Bat-shelter and eased the strain placed on the facilities at the Superdome.

But today as I watched reports roll in about people shooting at Navy/Coastguard choppers trying to rescue stranded people; or looters hijacking a truck full of medical supplies bound for one of the only functioning hospitals in the region I know that there is one Superhero who could make a real difference in this situation. That man is Judge Dredd!

Surely Judge Dredd would be able to help the refugees while at the same time dealing with the more criminal element taking shelter within the unwashed masses. The wolves among the sheep. But until the Judge can be located lets hope that people will calm down and let the real heros of the Red Cross and various Federal and State agencies do their jobs.