Friday, September 23, 2005

I Wish I Had A Cubicle Job...

Sometimes I wish that I had a job in a big company that required me to work on a floor filled with cubicles in a highrise building. I admit I read a lot of Dilbert comics but there is a very specific reason why I want to work in a cubicle building. I personally fell that my sense of humor and brand of mischief would work perfectly in that type of environment. Take this comic from Toothpaste For Dinner, look how much fun that little dude is having. I want to have the same opportunity to have that kind of fun, but that opportunity never comes a knocking at the library.

Sure I can pull some of the same tricks in the library where I work but by this point the minute something unexplained or unexpected happens guess whose door they knock on first? Think of the chaos I could seed in a building where I would have some degree of anonymity! The possibilities are endless.

Just the other night I posted this news article on the bulletin board in the breakroom. Why this article, you may ask, why because it has no bearing on anyone's life provided that they live in the United States. I also may have located the most incomprehensible sentence in the article and highlited it for added drama.

What does this mean???? Posted by Picasa

Why would I do something like this? What could I possibly hope to accomplish? Lets just say that I like to do whatever I can to spice up the lives of the librarians that I work with, besides everyone loves a puzzle!


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